If you are wondering Why you don’t feel completely whole or content in life, business, relationships and any other area maybe this will be your answer.   As each session is very individualised and specific for you perhaps its better reading our testimonials as to what people say about Hypnosis Zone.

2009  I tried a session as had weight problems and Ingrid helped get straight to the core of what was holding me back.   Its quiet unexplainable as I had tried conventional hypnosis and it had no effect on me and then working with Ingrid because she intergrated my mind and body and I was conscious but relaxed we uncovered the reasons and removed them out of my life.   Now I am not fixated on weight nor do I have another major weight and health problems.   I would say its a very different style that works as I was referred by someone who referred me.  Have a go!


2017 I’m a bit of a mans man and wasn’t really into Therapy as normally people just sit around let me talk take notes and it feels like they judge me.   But someone recommended Ingrid highly and thought I would try and WOW! The Best thing I ever did for myself and my girlfriend and others around me.   She is straight down the line and doesn’t muck around.   And doing the body work was better and she didn’t write notes behind a desk she sat down and chatted drew pictures to explain whats happening my life and body together we found solutions.   I’m in a better place now and everyone can see it.   and the best thing is I feel great again and basically someone actually understood me.


2015  Had a session about losing an unborn baby.   And had tried therapy before that but still felt sooooooo lost and incomplete and a failure.  But felt like I got my life back after 3 hours of processing the trauma.   I have found a place of peace and feel at peace.   Thank you Ingrid.   I just wish more people knew about you so they could also feel this peace I now have.


2011  Hi, wanted to write this testimonial for Ingrid trauma a stress release.   I have a very business manufacturing business and was setting up another really big factory and was absolutely stressed to the max.  One night my wife found me in the corner of the bedroom curled up in a ball and shaking – thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown.   Didn’t know how to cope.  Ingrid was exceptional at explaining things to me and I started understanding about how my body works – and learnt techniques through the body as I know Ingrid studied Extensively in the USA, Canada etc in trauma and body phsycology  with some of the worlds best and this shows.   The tools I have learnt will help me for the rest of my life.   And it was very affordable too.