With over 30years experience in Business this form of accessing your subconscious to help you achieve more clarity so its easier to maintain focus on what is important  in you career, work, business.    Many clients tell us this process which takes about 2 hours finally uncovered a lot of the reasons they weren’t achieving what they wanted to achieve.


“Working in my own business  is very rewarding but long hours – after Coaching with Ingrid I didn’t realise that working over 70hours a week could be reduced to 50 or less and I would find some time out as well.   I’ve had Coaching before and it was stressful as it felt like another person was telling me what to do again and adding work to my work load.   However once I released my reasons which were outdated from my subconscious mind my life started flowing and so did my business.   This is the Best money ever spent and it was less than half of what a lot of other coaches try to charge.   And Ingrid at Hypnosis Zone got straight to the core reason of this not working and they we did Business Coaching but in a completely different way by intergrating my body and mind to move forward so much easier and quicker which gave me more than 20 hours work a week to my self again and also my sales went up.

I would suggest anyone with a business or intending on setting up a business do this best money a time I have ever spent.   Feel like I am living again.  Another thing to mention is Ingrid has skills beyond normal coaching at releasing the emotional components of why we do what we do so.   Thank you Ingrid”     Sales Consultant



In 2008 I saw Ingrid from Life and Business Coaching Australia and we included a form of Hypnosis which allowed me to make a decision on purchasing a business in an industry I was not aligned in which in turn saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars looking back at the experience now.   I gained clarity and aligned my values and beliefs with my true self.   Best couple hundred dollars I have ever spent – what an INVESTMENT.  It still helps me today with decisions.    She is a lovely lady with a wealth of knowledge and actually cares.  Thank you again.


In 2001 I was stuck in a place and Ingrid used a lot of NLP techniques but intergrated with the body to help unstick the reasons I was stuck.   I now have a great career and I still remember my appointment with Ingrid as it helped change my life to what was good for me.    Life is great    My advice -. Definitely have a go – you’ve got nothing to loose only the things that were holding you back.