Business Coaching

With over 30years experience in business from Accounting background, Management,  contracting, design, construction, health, wellness and bodymind intergration style of coaching allows you to have the BEST coaching to suit your needs.

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Emotional Release Therapy

We understand that our emotions are so important in what sustains us we specialise in a bodymind intergrated coaching style session to help you release and be open focused and gain clarity and worthiness back in your life.

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REVIEWS More Than Hypnosis


Please read our reviews or post a us a review.

“I had severe PSTD though owning a business and all the pressure was building up I thought I was going to explode.  I couldn’t be present to my family and actually got numb and stopped smiling and laughing because I thought the world was on my shoulders.  And even my business was struggling in 2010 and now it is flourishing and thriving. and I have less stress and more freedom.

I did several sessions over a 6months period for no longer than 1.5hr as that’s all my body at the time could had and Ingrid was amazing at reading my body and minds needs.  She is a knowledge lady which lots of background experience and you can definitely see she has trained and done work on herself with the worlds best in America Australia England and Canada.   Time is valuable and you really want to find someone like Ingrid to get the most impact from.  And the sessions cost less that a normal business coaching companies who you never know who you are getting.

Take my word for it the best thing you can give yourself your business and your family.   I still use the tools to this day and occasionally have a session when things get too much and know I need to release and discharge the stress and trauma or if I want to embark on something new within the business I have a session to ensure its aligned for the best outcome.

So different from and thing I had experienced before and it worked.   Thank you Ingrid you are a blessing in the world of confusion and stress.  Highly recommend you book in for life and business coaching Australia."

- Business Owner in Western Australia

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